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Orissa Institute of Engineering and Technology houses a well stocked library with a vast collection of books and magazines, CDs, Journals and renowned international publications. Reading rooms with an impeccable study ambience propels the reading habit to the students.

Our quiet study areas provide you with a peaceful environment for working. Friendly, experienced and qualified staff is at hand to provide you with support for information searching so that you can make best use of the resources and your time.

As a student in our College you will be able to enjoy CD based learning within your own course .Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), making full use of the latest modern learning medium.

Learning becomes More interesting, visual and interactive activities are available, more easily, resources are accessible, coursework can be emailed, progress tracked and much more.     
Library Facility and Rules:-     
OIET library is well equipped with books on various topics of science, Electrical,Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical and Technology. It also subscribes to most of the related technical magazines and journals published in the country. The students are encouraged to have their own textbooks. The rules and regulations for library resources facilities are as follows:

Opening Hour:-     
Monday to Saturday - 10.00 am. to 4.00 pm.     
During Vacations -     
10.00 am. to 1.00 pm. Note : Library remains close on holidays.     
Admission is restricted to the students and staff of the Institute.     
Issue of Privilege:-     

Students are entitled to issue of books as mentioned below and may keep it for a period of 15 days only.

1st and 2nd semester - 2 books at a time
3rd and 4th semester - 3 books at a time
5th and 6th semester - 4 books at a time
Issue & Return Time:-     

Students are required to issue and return their library books as per timetable published time to time.

During the vacations there will be no transaction of books from the textbook section. However, the students are allowed to use the magazines and journals.
The library collections are of various kinds and in formats. All the books are kept either in closed shelves or in open shelves, which are not accessible directly to the users. Books are issued for "Reading Hall" only on submission of their identity cards etc.     
The current periodicals, journals are displayed remain display on magazine stand. Students and faculties can use the magazines, journals etc. for reading purpose in "Reading Hall" by submitting their I. Card in case normal of reading library.     
Back issues prior to six months will be discarded. These papers will be strictly placed on a separate paper reading table and the user may read them in the assigned space.     
Non-Book Materials:-     
CDs/ Floppies that come along with the magazines or with any books are available in the technical section and can be issued from the Library for Lab purposes only; these should be returned on the same day.     
Conditions for issuing books:-     
If a student does not return the book, which is issued against his/ her name within 15 days of its issue, 10% of the cost of the book will be charged towards service charge and he/ she can keep that book upto 7 days from completion of semester examination of that semester.
In case a student has lost the book(s) issued to him/ her, he/ she should report in writing immediately to the Librarian to avoid imposition of fine. He/ she will be allowed a grace period of one week to confirm in writing the loss of book, so that the action for recovery of the cost of the book may be initiated. In case he/ she produces the book he/ she will have to pay fine from the due date until he/ she returns the book. The library services will also stand terminated till he/ she settles the arrears. If he/ she could not find the lost book, he/ she shall deposit a new book or twice the cost of the old book.     
Other Conditions for issuing books:-     
Absence and illness are not accepted as excuse for exemption from payment of Service Charge. If the due date falls on an Institute Holiday the book may be returned on the next working day, without Service Charge.

The librarian with necessary reasons may recall a book at any time before the due data for return. In case the student fails to return the book on the librarian's notice, fines will be imposed on him/her.     
Care of Library Materials:-     
Library books, manuscripts etc. are costly and often rare. They are for the benefit of not only the present but also the future members of the library. Therefore, please do not write upon, damage, turn down the leaf/ leaves or mark on any library materials. No tracing or copying of any map or manuscript shall be allowed without the expressed permission of the librarian.

Before leaving the circulation counter the member should satisfy him/herself as to whether the library materials lent to him/ her is in sound condition. If not he/ she should immediately bring the matter to the notice of the library staff at the circulation counter. Otherwise, he/ she is liable to be held responsible or pay such compensation as fixed by the librarian.

Loss of Library materials must be brought to the notice of the librarian and the replacement cost of the materials should be paid immediately. If notification is made after the book has become overdue, the borrower will also be responsible for the Service Charge.
If a book belonging to a set is lost, the borrower will be charged for replacement of the entire set.     
Borrower's Ticket:-     
In case of borrower's ticket gets mutilated because of use or otherwise, it must be reported at the circulation counter, where a new one will be issued free of cost.
Loss of borrower's ticket should be reported in writing to the librarian immediately. The librarian may issue a fresh ticket after an interval of one week from the date of application on payment of Rs. 20/- per ticket.
While returning the books to the library, it is the responsibility of the member to see that his/ her ticket is duly discharged immediately.     
General Discipline of the Reading Hall:-     
Students can take out books submitting their I. Card and read in Reading Hall. Remembering that Reading Hall is a place of individual study, all students who will use Reading Hall should maintain absolute silence all time they are inside the Reading Hall. Students are required not to disfigure the wall, table etc. in the Reading Hall. Librarian has the power to drive out a student found unnecessary gossiping, disturbing or indulged in any other misconduct. Besides borrowing facility, library also has a reading room facility where students can take out books and read. After reading, they should return the books to the library-in-charge. No books may be taken out without being issuing them. Anybody doing so, if found fine of Rs. 200/- may be imposed.     
Clearance certificate:-     
The borrower's tickets are the property of the library and they are to be returned at the end of the study term. All those who leave the Institute must surrender the tickets to the library. The student has to return all library materials borrowed and clear library dues if any, during final clearance and obtain No Dues Certificate.     
Reprographic facility:-     
Published materials protected under the copyright act will not be reproduced entirely for personal use. Publications, which are not available readily, may be reproduced in the interest of scholars on condition that the volumes should be treated as library reference materials for restricted readership. The copying charges will be made on the basis of 0.50 paice for A4 size and Re. 1.00 for A3 size or it may be changed from time to time.     
General Discipline of library:-     
Remembering the fact that the library is a place of individual study, members should maintain silence at all times inside the library. Consumption of tobacco/ smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library. No refreshments or foodstuff of any kind shall be consumed anywhere inside the library. Any body found violating the rules, disturbing the peace of the library is liable for punishment as decided by the Librarian or Principal. For Audit work all the students are required to return the books for that period only as per notification issued by Principal

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